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7 Best Places to Go Skiing Near NYC Featured Image

7 Best Places to Go Skiing Near NYC

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From the Catskills, the Berkshires, and beyond, residents of New York City will be pleased to know that just outside of our flat city rises a plethora of mountains, many of which are ideal for a winter ski trip. Exchange the sludge of the city streets with small towns, picturesque mountains, and of course, fantastic slopes.

Winter transforms Upstate New York and neighboring Massachusetts and Connecticut into a snow-laden wonderland. Its hills and forests, tranquil and stunning, become magical under fresh snow. Apart from skiing and snowboarding down beginner-friendly up to black diamond runs, many of the best ski resorts in the Northeast offer cross-country skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, snowmobile rentals, and snowshoeing to round out the winter activities.

Although you could visit any of these resorts as a day trip, we highly recommend you stay the weekend. Here at Red Cottage, we’re more than just a vacation rental provider (though our rentals are sublime). We’re your gateway to all of New York State’s wonders, and the best part? Those wonders shine ever so brightly in the winter season. Known for exceptional rentals and deep local insights, we ensure every stay is comfortable and an authentic experience. 

To highlight the area’s appeal to skiers, we’ve rounded up the seven best places to go skiing near NYC so you can plan your perfect winter escape.

1. Hunter Mountain

Photo Credit: James Kirkikis
  • Address: 64 Klein Ave, Hunter, NY 12442
  • Best for: Advanced skiers and snowboarders who value a challenge.
  • Distance from NYC: 2 hours

Hunter Mountain, known as “NY’s Big Mountain,” is a top choice for skiing aficionados. Reaching an elevation of 3,200 feet and boasting a 1,600 feet vertical drop, it presents an exhilarating experience across its 320 acres. The resort’s 67 trails cater to all abilities, offering 25% beginner, 30% intermediate, and 45% advanced terrain, complemented by four terrain parks.

Its diverse landscape ensures a thrill for novices and experts alike. In addition to its impressive trails, Hunter Mountain is renowned for its high-speed lifts and state-of-the-art snowmaking, ensuring top conditions throughout the season.

The resort also hosts various events and activities, making it a vibrant destination for more than just skiing. Whether enjoying the lively après-ski scene or participating in winter festivals, Hunter Mountain provides a comprehensive winter experience.

Hunter Mountain is going digital this year with a new app, My Epic, that allows you to access the mountain hands-free. This means once you get your lift ticket, you just need to turn on Bluetooth and you’ll automatically be scanned at the lift so you don’t have to bother taking out your pass at each run. Plus, the app shows lift lines, trail maps, and real-time mountain alerts.

2. Catamount Mountain

Photo Credit: Nick Sweeting
  • Address: 78 Catamount Road, Hillsdale, NY 12529, United States
  • Best for: Families; diverse-leveled skiers
  • Distance from NYC: 2.5 hours

Catamount Mountain Resort is a scenic ski destination just 2.5 hour drive from NYC, situated in the Berkshire Mountains on the New York-Massachusetts border. The resort caters to all levels with its diverse terrain, featuring 36 trails (32 with snowmaking) and four chairlifts, including a summit quad.

Known for value, it offers well-maintained slopes suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. It’s also a family-friendly choice thanks to comprehensive learning programs like Mountain Cats. With its 2,000-foot summit elevation and 1,000-foot vertical drop, Catamount is a hidden gem for diverse skiing experiences. It’s also an excellent choice for those seeking a value-for-money skiing experience with various terrains.

For those looking to level up their children’s skiing adventures, Catamount Mountain Resort’s Alpine Race Team is a program designed to get your kiddos confident in their skills, technique, and racing abilities.

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, Catamount also has a brand new Snow Tubing Park open day and night.

3. Ski Butternut 

Photo Credit: Matthew Martinez
  • Address: 380 State Road, Great Barrington, MA 01230
  • Best for: Those seeking a traditional skiing experience without the frills of a modern resort
  • Distance from NYC: 2.5 hours

Ski Butternut is a favorite among ski enthusiasts for its friendly atmosphere and top-notch snowmaking. The resort features well-groomed trails suitable for all skill levels, particularly excelling in beginner to intermediate terrains. 

Ideal for weekend and off-peak visits, Butternut offers a family-friendly environment with quality ski instruction. It boasts over 900 feet of vertical drop, fitting for its southern Massachusetts location, although its layout may be slightly challenging for newcomers.

Butternut offers two terrain parks: Twisted Park and Cruiser Progression Park. If you’re new to terrain parks, start with the Cruiser Progression Park and work your way up.

4. Windham Mountain Club

Photo Credit: Makmorg
  • Address: 19 Resort Drive, Windham, NY 12496
  • Best for: Skiers with a refined palate for Mediterranean cuisine from the resort’s culinary program
  • Distance from NYC: 2.5 hours

Located just a short drive from New York City in the scenic Catskills, Windham Mountain is a winter sports destination offering a rich variety of experiences. Its 285 skiable acres encompass 54 trails, served by 11 lifts, providing a range of skiing experiences from serene beginner slopes to challenging terrains for the advanced.  

On Friday and Saturday, Windham is open for night skiing on 8 of its trails so you can truly get in a full day on the slopes.

Windham Mountain Club does have a 2-day minimum on peak days. While this might hinder you wanting to go for a day trip, it is good news for wait times and uncrowded slopes since those that just want to hit a few runs 1 day will have to go to another nearby mountain to do so.

The resort is especially known for its six terrain parks, catering to all skill levels with features for novices and experts. Windham also houses a notable Ski and Ride School, perfect for beginners, and offers additional attractions like a Tubing Park and on-mountain dining for a well-rounded mountain experience.

5. Plattekill Mountain

Photo Credit: Kyle Tunis
  • Address: 469 Plattekill Road, Roxbury, NY 12474
  • Best for: Families looking for a welcoming, community-focused experience
  • Distance from NYC: 2 hours 45 minutes

Plattekill Mountain, nestled in the Northeastern Catskill Mountains, offers a skiing experience steeped in authenticity and adventure. With its “if you can see it, you can ski it” approach, the mountain invites skiers to explore its varied and often challenging terrain. Known for exceptional glade trails, Plattekill exudes an old-school, local ski atmosphere that resonates with enthusiasts. Despite its modest size, the terrain at Plattekill is deceptively challenging, providing thrills for seasoned skiers.

This mountain is not just about challenging runs; it’s about the community and the simple joys of skiing. Privately owned and operated, Plattekill often hosts local events and races, fostering a sense of camaraderie and family-friendly fun. Its remote location adds charm, offering a quieter, more intimate skiing experience away from the crowds. It’s a place where you can genuinely connect with the spirit of winter sports.

Although this “fiercely independent” attitude might make you feel this mountain is small, Plattekill offers 40 trails, running from a 2 mile-long cruiser run for beginners up to steep double black diamonds. They also have an on-site terrain park for the extra adventurous.

6. Belleayre Mountain

Photo Credit: Colin D. Young
  • Address: Shandaken, NY 12480
  • Best for: Skiing traditionalists and aesthetics who love a gondola experience
  • Distance from NYC: 2.5 hours

Belleayre Mountain offers a blend of modern amenities and traditional skiing experiences. It is the only Catskills resort with a gondola, enhancing accessibility and appeal. Known for excellent snowmaking and grooming, Belleayre ensures consistent snow coverage even in less favorable conditions.

Belleayre’s terrain caters to all skill levels, with challenging steeps and groomed runs, particularly beginner-friendly lower slopes. It’s an excellent choice for families and skiers of all levels who appreciate a mix of easy and challenging runs in a beautiful mountain setting.

For those that plan to hit the mountain often this winter, Belleayre offers a frequent skier card and season passes that can also be used at Gore Mountain and Whiteface Mountain (which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1980).

7. Mohawk Mountain

Photo Credit: joelip via Flickr CC2.0
  • Address: 46 Great Hollow Rd., Conwall, CT 06753
  • Best for: Ideal for beginners who want to ski day and night
  • Distance from NYC: 2.5 hours

Located in the Tri-State Area, Mohawk Mountain is a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders alike. Dubbed the “home of snowmaking,” Mohawk is the oldest and largest ski area in Connecticut. Back in 1947, the founder of Mohawk, Walt Schoenknecht became the pioneer of man-made snowmaking, helping to establish the technology still used on slopes today. Today the mountain is still family-owned.

Nestled in the Southern Berkshires, Mohawk Mountain has an elevation of 1,600 ft with 25 trails to choose from. 12 of these trails are open for night skiing. The runs on Mohawk are a combination of easy, intermediate, and black diamonds but in general, this mountain is geared towards beginner and intermediate riders.

Mohawk Mountain also offers snow tubing to add to the family-friendly winter fun!

Start Your Ski Adventure with Red Cottage

From Catamount’s scenic trails to Belleayre’s unique gondola rides, skiing just outside of Manhattan offers a distinct skiing experience. The rugged charm of Plattekill and the diverse offerings of Windham and Mohawk Mountain enrich this tapestry, creating an idyllic winter haven for all skiers and boarders.

Red Cottage offers the perfect accompaniment to this winter adventure. Our cozy rentals provide a warm, inviting retreat after your snowy escapades, embodying the true spirit of the Catskills. Choosing Red Cottage for your ski getaway means immersing yourself in comfort and the thrill of the region’s enchanting landscapes.